"Sertich Travel is a great choice for the all-inclusive experience. After having spent three years without a vacation I wanted nothing more than to have as much of an experience as possible with little in-trip planning as possible. After hearing about an upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas and how much fun it was said to be I signed up expecting to have at least some fun. Being in my 20s and single it felt imperative to use this time to have as many experiences as possible. I wanted an easy vacation planned where most of the activities and events would be right there at the resort - for all I knew it might've been my last chance to vacation for quite some time! The idea was to cram as much possible into each day to make sure I left with as few regrets as possible when leaving, but to my surprise Robin and Rick went a few steps further than simply setting up the plane tickets and resort spot to ensure my goals were met with success.
Beyond choosing the resort and getting the plane ticket Sertich Travel was constantly there to take care of the little things which added up to big time sinks. Robin took the time to sign my party and I up for all the sit-down restaurants we wanted to go to, and was conscious of our needs and preferences for food choices and dining style. For example; at the greek restaurant my party went to our first night the food was spectacular and seemed very authentically greek - having been to the Mediterranean several time it definitely brought back some memories - but the wait times were abominable.  It took what felt like over an hour to get our meal out; which removed opportunities to do other things such as going to resort-sponsored parties or out into town. The next few nights the wait-time for the food were much more palpable "and of course the food was top notch as well."
The trip could not have been complete without the activities either. As an adrenaline junkie I was really looking forward to engaging in many activities before going home. Whilst Robin secured the home front Rick took to the Vanguard with all the excursions. The first major activity day was riding four wheelers along the western coast of the peninsula. He made sure the van never left without all its members - which sounds like an easy task but being outside your element and after more than maybe one or two drinks you might not have all your wits about you! - and that everyone was comfortably seated and ready. In just one example a member of another party was elderly and having problems getting into a seat, so Rick thoughtfully made sure that person got the most stabilized seat and was buckled in correctly to avoid discomfort. When we arrived at the rental center Rick spoke with the associates and made sure all the forms were legitimate and generally agreeable and helped us sign through all of the paperwork. When we got out to the ATVs he made sure all of our equipment was in good order and everyone was ready to go to avoid complications. What ensued after was a great drive along the beach and through the jungle - which would have been perfect had Rick not tried to race everyone!
All in all it felt like everything was going smoothly. Every day was filled with swimming at the beach, playing ping pong or beer pong, relaxing at the pool, every other day going on excursion, engaging in several other activities through day and going to the all-inclusive party club at night - along with whatever else could fit in. Robin seemed to be everywhere at once asking her clients how things were going and what she could do to make things more enjoyable and informing us of news or events contingent to the resort and experience - I was thankful she left me to nap on the beach, however! - and at some point wondered if this was even considered a vacation to her as well. Anything that popped up that required some planning or signing Robin made sure was covered so all we had to do was sign on the dotted line.
On the last day I got up extra early (after a night of partying nonetheless) and having all my things packed the night before went to a scheduled spa appointment for a great massage and a session of basic yoga thereafter. Wanting nothing more than to jump to some new activity and continue the day like all the rest it was finally time to go. I had expected the van trip back to the airport to be a somber one having left one of the best vacation experiences of my life, but the Sertich's and their daughter Alli who is a frequent of theirs shared pictures and offered us to share our own for her business. We found ourselves laughing and cheerfully reminiscing all the memories up until the moment of handing over the boarding pass.
All in all it felt like one of the best vacation experiences in my life only warranted a 2 and a half hour plane trip and finding a superb travel agency who knew how to treat their clients like family. I would highly recommend their services and when budget and time allows again I will surely set up my next vacation through them!" Andrew Gesell





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